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Everything has a precise form and function. Nothing remains, nothing accumulates. Everything is in constant flow and transformation.


OKA drinks from NATURE. In it we observe biological structures and their functions and learn the strategies and solutions that nature provides to us. Thus we are able to create a closed cycle, which begins and ends on earth, and feeds a new cycle, free of harm. 

Neutralizing the human impact on the planet is not enough . We want to generate a positive outcome, because we know that "out there" doesn’t exist.


We are committed to support an energy system that comes from renewable resources and processes, which regenerate life on Earth.

We aim for a new ideal of human presence on the planet: one with an increased capacity to perceive and recognize interconnections and interdependencies.


For us, this is the ground for innovation.


who we are

OKA is home. For the Yanomamis, Guaranis and Tupinambás is OCA. We honor and care for our home through our business. 


Home symbolizes shelter and protection, as well as our packaging, made with 100% Brazilian sustainable raw material, call manioc.


OKA is a biotechnology research and development company. It was born at the Sao Paulo State University  in the Tropical Roots and Starches  Research Center in Botucatu, countryside, and has over 20 years of experience. Our strength is to generate a positive socio-environmental impact.


Our drive is to reduce the consumption of plastic and the production of waste. We seek to help clean up rivers and seas, and promote biotechnology, stimulate green technologies and businesses, promote local sustainable development, and support traditional communities.


Our recipe mixes design, technological innovation and business models committed to the circular economy.


Our menu offers 100% compostable biopackages, made from renewable and non-toxic raw materials.


With our expertise, we offer licenses to companies committed to promoting long-lasting design and regenerating resources.


The basis for our creation is biomimicry. We study the strategies and solutions of nature to produce bio compostable packaging, made from manioc starch, with or without the addition of natural fibers.


We invest in the shape and function of our products. The result is good packaging for food, gifts, cosmetics, electronics, for immediate consumption or fast cycle markets.


Disposable packaging that feeds the nature cycles. After use, the product decomposes and nourishes the soil or can be used as animal feed. Leftover scraps from production replace the awful styrofoam material that protects certain types of products. 


This is a closed cycle: everything is used and then given back to nature in the form of compost or food, generating a positive impact.

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The year was 1999 and the garbage issue was discussed merely among environmentalists and activists. The next scenario we see  is a planet polluted with plastic and toxic substances.

Would it be possible to consider a critical view of the life cycles of products we make?


Restless and concerned about an imminent socio-environmental crisis, OKA went in search of a clean production process, based on renewable sources. We found the manioc, a 100% Brazilian raw material, abundant in our country.

We still need to go further.

OKA is on this path.

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